Hrabal Kersko or festivities as it should

Magnificent environment Kersko forest district, nostalgia Hrabal’s books, the smell sausages, delicious taste of beer, friendly atmosphere and good mood – this is Kersko Hrabal. The original forest festivities going in honor of the famous author. This year will be held on Saturday 23 May in the village near Kersko Sadská at its 11th Nymburk year. And what everything on this year’s festivities take place

Foot or by bike

Whether you’re already a fan of the work or writer Bohumil Hrabal just looking for a nice program in May on a Saturday, you can look forward to walk on the places that I had known author and other rich program for both adults and their children. And it certainly would have been had pleasure itself Bohumil Hrabal.

The event will start morning march Kersko. The march begins Josefského the spring at 10.00 am and made popular candidate spisovatelovými places. Those who do not miss the march, may look forward to an interesting competition in its course. What will it? Let surprise. Who should walk instead of taste rather ride a bike You can take part in a cycling trip from Nymburk Kersko. Also sets out at 10.00, but this time from the water tower.

The main program festivities will take place this afternoon in the garden forest Cuba studio, crafts moderator will take Vojtech hammer. The rich program sure everyone chooses “what he is.” For example. in Forest studio exhibition spaces Cuba can see the show Bohumil Hrabal in photography, whose author is a leading Czech photographer Han University. Or you can have fun-theater actors Nymburk Hálkova of theater. And what will this play? How else than some of Hrabal’s works, this year “schizophrenic gospel.” Source: http://freshin.cz

refreshments will serve among other things, pig on a spit, sausages or Wallachian rack. If someone wanted ochutnak specialties of game is not a problem. In the vicinity of this celebration is from the movie lodge where Snowdrop Festival the model can give hunters boar roast with cabbage or thigh boar with rosehip sauce.

But you can also put other delicacies. All you can drink delicious beer Postřižinské.